He Will Not Fail
He's Got the Power
I'm Going Nowhere, My Love
Modern Pharisees
Much Greater Things
Over the Hill and Closer to Home
Rest Me in Your Hand
Stranger in a Strange Land (Savage in a Brave New World)
Thank You, Lord
The Great Shoulder
"I will give you rest."
Paul's Letter to the Ephesians
Forgiveness Is a Powerful Reply
Lord, to Me
At All Times
Of the Rushing
God Knows
Talking to Me
Believing God
Something Real
Spiritual Vision
Proverbs 9:10


To Be "Unequally Yoked"
God's Assembly
Human Endeavor
Relativity and Infinity
When Will You Meet Your Maker?


Love vs. Legalism and Lawlessness
We Are Having God's Law Written on Our Hearts
The Question of Works vs. Faith
The Field Is the World
God Is Good
Have Life Abundantly
"I Can Do All Things..."
If you accept Jesus
Righteous by Faith
A Sign of the Truth
Talmudic Judaism and Christianity
This Love
What is faith?
The Weightier Matters
Which Love Does He Mean?

God's gathering of people into His Anointed is as invisible as the working of His Spirit, as the coming and going of the wind.  The assembly of God is something around which you cannot put boundaries.  It is as pervasive as God in the world, and can only be told apart by its love, for God is love.

His Holy Spirit has put His seal on us--has marked us as His own; but that seal cannot be seen with the physical eye, nor can it be given by men.  It is God's own seal . . . a spiritual seal, for God is spirit.

2004-2016 — These items are original, written by Chere D. Brown.  They are free for you to use, on the condition that you do not change them or claim that they are yours.